Icematic Paddle Icemaker / E45


This paddle technology system from Icematic with fingers evaporator is the only system able to guarantee the perfect functioning of the machine despite hard water or water rich in limestone and impurities.New water level sensor allows customers to better manage cube size. 45kg Production per 24 hours. 16kg Storage. This ice maker from Icematic has stainless steel exterior, front venting, large storage bin and replaceable door gasket. The control panel (from left to right) is clearly arranged and easy to operate. The big button is the on-off switch. The green LED indicates working state of the machine, stopped as storage bin is full and in washing cycle. The red LED displays: condenser over-temperature, lack of water, storage bin probe or condenser probe not working correctly. The last pushbutton offers you the possibility to start the washing cycle and the reset of scheduled maintenance interval. Finally this control panel gives you the possibility to choose special functions like water filling time limit, production cycle time limit, defrosting cycle time limit and the periodical maintenance warning.



  • External Dimensions: 500mm W x 600mm D x 693mm H
  • Production capacity: 45kg per 24 hours
  • Bin capacity: 16kg Storage / 914 pcs
  • Level control: Bin sensor
  • 35 cubes per cycle
  • Semi-automatic washing & sanitation system the electronic card manages a semi-automatic washing cycle to assure maximum hygiene inside the evaporator basin
  • Paddle motor system
  • Suitable for hardwater
  • External body stainless steel
  • Removable, Washable filter for air flow
  • New water level sensor
  • Electronic ice storage level probe for greater precision
  • Anti-flooding device – the electronic card manages a maximum water loading time
  • Gas: R132A
  • Voltage: 220-240/1/50Hz
  • Compete control panel
  • Next day delivery